Hello! You are on skinsback.com - a service that helps various sites accept payments from Steam. If you encounter problems, you can find the answer here. 1. "Trading is prohibited. Your account has been blocked for trading." This means that there are restrictions on your account due to which an trading of things is not available. More details 2. Minimum transaction amount For Dota 2 items, the minimum transaction amount is $1. For CS:GO, this parameter is $4 (due to the peculiarities of trading things from this game 3. Why can't I sell all my items? We do not buy all items. Also, you will not see the item if it is not available for trade at the moment 4. Why does your bot give me a thing from Dota 2 in return? This only happens in CS:GO deals. This is done so that you can correctly identify the trade. If the item is not in the trade, your account may be at risk. More details 5. I did not receive a balance on the site, what happened? Perhaps your API key was stolen and you received a fake trade. More details 6. I did not find the answer to my question You can contact us by mail support@skinsback.com